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Filling the Void.

INeedWork is a trading name of EPC Alternative Source and is a free Job Finder service, We have many clients around Europe who are desperate to find good, hard working and reliable staff, currently the Unemployment rate for multiple countries within the EU is at the highests its been in decades. Our purpose is to help fill this void. All wages go directly to the workers.

  • Free Travel Expenses
  • Full Tax Assistance
  • VCE/HSE Qualification
  • Free Work Insurance

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If you have any questions or enquiries about the procedure, your more than welcome to contact our multilingual support team, Via Email, Phone or Livechat.


I live in greece, i have been out of work for 7months and put my application in on thursday night, on friday morning i had a company from Holland contact me.. i start work next Wednesday!

Michalis Michaels - Thessaloniki

I work 15years as a builder in my home country and pay has become low, im now doing scaffolding which is paying 4 times more than building, It has changed my life.

Dracos Marineskou - Bucharest