Full Information on how the procedure works

  1.       We your Applicantion and Information
  2.       We review the application and Pass this onto our Colleague in the Netherlands.
  3.       Our Colleague has a Short Phone Interview with yourself about your applicantion.
  4.       Both Parties accept the offer.
  5.       If all Agreed, you will be given a start date
  6.       You will need to book your Flight as close to the start date as possible.
  7.       You Arrive in the Netherlands, where you are met at the Airport.
  8.       You are taken to your place of residence
  9.       You are taken to the Tax office if you decide to pay your Taxes / Contributions in the Netherlands.
  10.       You start work on the agreed date in a 2 week trial company to assess your skill level and where is best placed. This is paid at the usual rate.
  11.       You are taken too and from work everyday at no extra expense.
  12.       You work and provide an invoice for the hours you have done.
  13.       You get paid the amount they earnt directly to your bank account.